About Us


  Hi,  Welcome to Sonshaw


  We are truly passionate about photography.  Our Business idea and Logo was born off the beautiful island of Zanzibar,

on a little private island called Bawi Island.  Whilst we were enjoying a couple of seriously good sundowners, the

sun was going down for the day behind two bonzai trees on the smallest of islands.  One of those 

memorable moments that goes straight to the soul. 


We love the outdoors, the adventure, the unknown, the right to just be free !



           From Sonja

           Art, in various forms, has always been apart of my life.  In art you find so many different ways of expressing

yourself.  In photography I find the ultimate satisfaction of creating a unique artwork, knowing that it

will be treasured in a home for years to come.  To me photography has no boundries, there are

no limits to what I can create and achieve through capturing special moments.  



From Shaun 

 What drives me, is the challenge to capture that winning shot that perfectly captures the love and romance

between each couple, the one which talks to their personalities and their special and

unique bond that they share.     

                                     Call us on : 082 561 8798                                             shaun@sonshawphotography.co.za