Trash the Dress (TTD) Package

  • Between 300 to 400 digital photos's taken                                                                                 R3,000
  • 2 hr shoot with 2 photographers 
  • Personalized hard cover A4 landscape Photobook - 20 single sides


I should hastily mention that the dress is not actually damaged, but simply put, it’s a shoot in your dress, aftery your Big day, where your photographer has the time to be super creative and get those “wow” shots at a really abstract location, but without the pressure of a wedding day and without you worrying about your dress getting wet or dirty.

It is seen as an alternative to storing that beautiful and very expensive dress away, never to be seen again.  A second chance to wear that masterpiece!


TTD is all about creativity and expression.  The shoot is very well choreographed as the dress is "trashed" in stages and the photographercannot stop the shoot and go for a take 2.  The shoot sequence is critical. 



  • Water
  • Railway / train graveyard
  • Open veld
  • Newtown (JHB) grafittee wall
  • Demolished buildings
  • Sea 


 Contact us in order to arrange a meeting!  We are based in Johannesburg

                    082 561 8798