Video Production

This "personal touch" Digital Video Production is shot using two videographers and three cameras, with the appropriate soft lighting, in order to ensure that the atmosphere and detail of your wedding day is documented and captured. 


Having a Video of your wedding day ensures that you preserve the memories and you can, after the big day, go back and view the detail and excitment that you may have missed.  Secondly to be in a position to view your wedding day with friends and family that were not at the wedding.    


The Video is fully edited, incorporating several "skip" chapters / menue titles / transitions / messages / music / still pics etc.  Your choice of songs can be recorded into the appropriate areas within the Video.           


The Video Production covers all formalities:

  • Capturing of preparation od Bride prior to church service, venue, reception decor
  • Arrival of Guests & Groom / Bestman
  • Arrival of Bride at Church
  • Church Service
  • Emerging from the Church
  • Guest pre drinks & entertainment
  • The taking of Photographs (Behind the Lens)
  • Arrival of Bridal Couple into reception
  • Speeches
  • Cutting of the cake
  • First dance
  • Father / Daughter dance
  • Bouquet / Garter
  • Guest messages
  • The celebration & atmosphere 


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